Custom Order Surfboard: The Traveler

  Ready for anything, and most every condition, the Traveler is your next go-to modern classic. Slightly extended in length but tailored in width will allow you to ride it a few inches taller than your average classic fish. The bottom contour features a forward flat bottom blended into a spiraled Vee out the tail. The deck has a subtle concave for flex, perimeter stability and buoyancy. Fin set up is split quad and the fins are not included. Prepare yourself for high speed carves and freedom. Travel well.

Board length range available from 5'8''-6'5'' & made custom to your size and ability.

Board shown 6'2'' 21.5'' 2.44'' Rider 5'11'' 200 lbs.

Each Traveler model comes stock with  your choice color two sided resin tint (shown) 

*Custom Order Surfboards take an estimated 6 weeks for production. 

*Shipping is not included and will be billed following completion of the board.

*Free local pick up

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