Ryan and Cj have been running in the same circles for years. Once competitors in the Coalition of surf clubs tour and frequent Sano lurkers, it was only a matter of time til these two started working together. 

Their first shaping appointment happened when Ryan was walking away from his project Canvas Surfboards. Corey Colapinto made the re - introduction in early 2016 and they got right to it. Their first project was a designing the cult classic noseriding model the Sprout which they knocked out of the park. With wind in their sails the pushed forward planning out the next couple years of projects. 

Fast forward a couple years to spring 2018. Cj was slowly recovering from a serious injury tearing his hamstring. The docs were all in agreement that surfing was pretty much out of the question unless done very lightly. Cj unfortunately had a trip planned for Mexico that was non refundable. He wanted to take a board weather he used it or not.

He started digging into the history books on the best “feeling” surfboards you can ride while doing nothing. If he couldn’t physically surf good than what simply feels the best? What’s the most ergonomic craft to ride a wave on if he had the opportunity to paddle out? These searches pointed him to Displacement hulls. He had previous knowledge of them from hanging out at Malibu in the early 2000’s. He had borrowed a couple from his friends like Jimmy Gamboa and Dane Peterson and even had an under appreciated 8’3” Liddle super smoothie in his quiver. 

Cj called a meeting with Ryan about designing a couple long hulls for his Mexico trip. Cj and Ryan also met with multiple OG Hull builders to seek advice on stretching out these ergonomic designs. Ryan whipped up the first two with relative ease and Cj was off to Mexico with two beautiful long hulls

The warm Mexican weather and water had Cj feeling great and after a few days he decided to give the hulls a spin. 

The beautiful lines of those boards had cj’s mind in the clouds. What were they going to do? Cj will never forget his first wave and to this day he says it’s the most important wave he’s ever ridden. Complete release and control. As he kicked out at the bottom of the point on his very first wave he knew that everything he had done and known in surfing was over. He had fallen into the rabbit hole of magical feels and once you’ve felt it, there’s no turning back. It changes everything. 

Cj got on a cal with Ryan immediately. Hey amigo, this shits next level! I’ve never felt anything like this. Can you make my noserider feel like this? Ryan paused for a minute, “actually, I think so”. 

A series of good and bad events sent them on the path putting them where they are today. How do you make a complete quiver that honors the past, implements modern design and is built with pilot feel being the number one priority? It’s a task they never saw coming but was clear as day in front of them. 

After a couple years and a hundred or so boards later, we’re ready to share our offerings with you. These boards have changed our lives. Not just our time in the water but our actual day to day living. Their simple nature have become a guiding light and metaphor for a new way to live. What’s really important in our lives? what really works  and what are we hanging on to out of stagnance and habit. We as surfers have been brainwashed to perform. We have lost the point of the original dance because the music is too loud. 

Cj and Ryan are proud to share the fruits of their labor with you. A different approach to waveriding that can be enjoyed by anyone with enough skill to simply catch a wave. 


Ryan Engle & CJ Nelson